What is the museum pass?

Visit over 235 museums with 1 pass

The museum pass is the biggest museum subscription in the country. You get an entire year’s access to all participating museums in Belgium. Whenever you like and as often as you like. Giving you the chance to:

  • Discover permanent museum collections.
    With your museum pass you can visit the permanent exhibitions in over 235 museums free of charge.
  • Enjoy temporary exhibitions.
    You can also visit temporary exhibitions for free or with a big discount.
  • Get Extra benefits.
    Access half-price train tickets, discounts in museum shops and many other gifts exclusively for pass holders.
  • Know and save the best museum tips.
    Every fortnight you’ll get news about must-see exhibitions and the most wonderful museum discoveries by email. You can also save your favourite exhibitions in the app, all ready for your next day out.

Fancy a year with so much to enjoy? Then get your museum pass, for only € 59.

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How do you buy and use the museum pass?

Buy the museum pass online or in one of the participating museums.


  1. Buy the museum pass online ›
  2. Download the museum pass app or, if you like, add a physical pass to your order.
  3. Show your museum pass at the museum counter. Either physically or using the museum pass app.
  4. Enjoy your visit!

In a museum

  1. Go to one of the participating museums ›
  2. Buy your physical museum pass at the counter.
  3. Register your pass online and, if you like, download the museum pass app.
  4. Show your museum pass at the museum counter. Either physically or using the museum pass app.
  5. Enjoy your visit!


Frequently asked questions about the museum pass

What can I do with the museum pass app?

The museum pass app is your personal guide:

  • Quickly find museums and exhibitions based on your location, interests or the date. Immediately check the opening times and other practical information.
  • Save interesting exhibitions to your favourites. You can also easily share them with your friends and family, to prepare for your next day out.
  • Forgotten your museum pass? Don’t worry: you can also use the app to enter the museum.

Does a museum pass for two exist? Or a museum pass for children?

There is currently only one type of museum pass. It gives one person access to all participating Belgium museums for one year.

Can I get a museum pass at a social tariff?

Yes, that’s possible. A museum pass at a social tariff costs € 12. Read more about how to get it and the terms here.

When does my museum pass subscription begin?

  • I bought my museum pass online.
    Your subscription begins when you register your museum pass online. In the app, you can find a QR-code to use as an entrance ticket. This means you can start visiting museums right away.
  • I bought a museum pass in a museum or shop.
    Your museum pass subscription begins as from the first visit to a museum, or the moment you register online. If you have not yet visited a museum or registered your museum pass two months after purchase, your subscription will start automatically. 

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