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museumPASSmusées is your key to +140 Belgian museums (and their number keeps growing). The pass (50€) grants their owners free admission to all participating museums for an entire year. Most of the time, temporary exhibitions are free too, and when they aren't, you get a substantial discount. 

Endless discoveries

museumPASSmusées encourages you to visit museums that might not have crossed your mind... until now. You will be surprised how much easier it gets to pay a visit when you do not have to pay at all. Already know your favourites? Use your pass to drop by whenever you feel like it. Pop in over lunch to see some works and enjoy the silence, come back to rediscover the permanent galleries... The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

A Belgian project

+140 museums in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels have joined forces to set up Belgium's first museum pass. The aim of museumPASSmusées is twofold: more visibility for Belgian museums and greater access to culture for all. 

Museums are for everyone

We firmly believe that everybody should be able to visit Belgian museums as much as they want to. People with a low-income status can purchase a museum pass for 10€ in participating museums upon presentation of a valid UiTPAS, Paspartoe, A-kaart or Article 27. 


The Belgian museum pass is managed by museumPASSmusées cvba-so/scrl-fs, founded by four Belgian organisations, i.e. the Brussels Museums Council, Vlaams Museumoverleg, ICOM Belgique/Wallonie-Bruxelles/Musées et Société en Wallonie and publiq vzw.

Company details

museumPASSmusées cvba-so/scrl-fs
41-43 Quai du Hainaut, 1080 Brussels, Belgium
BE 0688.994.859
IBAN BE22 7360 3998 1747

Director: Julie Van der heyden